1st Symposium (sept 2013)

Nearly 100 international experts gathered in Bordeaux - September 6, 2013

For their first scientific symposium, members of the network OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL are interested in one of the major concerns of the wine industry : How to reduce the alcohol content of wine in the context of climate change?

15 academic and industrial experts of international renown submitted tracks for viticulture and oenology, regulatory, technological processes and practices, sensory impact and consumer preference ... They shared with all participants, members of the network but also many socio-economic actors.
This issue is the subject of study of one of the working groups of the network groups that had gathered to work on the next steps of the network and the next calls for proposals launched by the European Union.
Coordinated by Professor Pierre- Louis TEISSEDRE *, this event was held at the Institute of Sciences of the Vine and Wine in the presence of Christian SEELY , Managing Director of Château Pichon -Longueville (AXA Millésimes), sponsor of the network. It was also held under the patronage of the OIV ** and with the support of the Excellence Initiative of the University of Bordeaux.

Download the scientific journal here

Dowload the programme here

* Pierre-Louis TEISSEDRE, Bordeaux Segalen University (ISVV), professor of oenology
** OIV: International Organisation of Vine and Wine

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