OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL is a network organization of International institutions 
for Higher Education and Research in Oenology & Viticulture.

A new generation of oenologists/viticulturists is needed, one capable of integrating information across different areas of research, from grape production with sustainable, integrated and/or organic viticulture, pests and diseases, genetic diversity and biodiversity (vines, yeast and bacteria), molecular genetics to secondary metabolites influencing grape and wine quality. Adapted analytical methods for the identification and quantification of key components as well as new oenological practices including biotechnology, safety and health issues during wine production and consumption in the context of nutritional and social aspects also need to be considered. This new generation of scientists needs to work within integrated networks, with strong relationships.

The network is dedicated to Research Excellence and Education. Each partner possess the top recognition level in Oenology/viticulture. Its forms the largest oenology/viticulture research community gathered in the world.

vigneThe partners have outstanding publication records and are dedicated in the highest quality education. The rationale of the partners is a shared ambition to integrate their current MSc – PhD programmes at international level. We have strong synergy since we all focus on vines to wine (molecular, genomic, process and consumption approaches) in the context of climate change and sustainable viti-viniculture, including quality and biodiversity comprehension/mechanisms and implications for a future integrated oenology and viticulture to combine experimental and fundamental research.

The innovative approach is based on mobility, exchange of experiences in different disciplines and the establishment of a common standard in education and training.

OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL Network offers unique integrated programmes through networking opportunities, dedicated courses from the best international specialists in the field, job opportunities, advices from the placement officer, tutor and supervisors for the career, dedicated websites with information, possibilities of attendance to international events, multicultural exchanges with other students, supervisors, all the partners, invited, strong international and original experience, participation to cultural and scientific events, social integration in a network, alumni network, common Doctorate/Master programmes in joint supervision and quality accreditation of the programmes by partners institutions and experts.

It will be in the framework of current training offers of campus-wide organizations. By a new generation of a strong system of accreditation through these large research universities and by focusing on integrative programmes, we aim to set up a stable training network, where strong individually institutes will be joined.

The multidiscipline aspect will provide optimal training opportunities which will enable participants to obtain a position after the completion of their work-package, either in the industry or in academic circles. In particular, there will be a focus on the development of a young scientific community able to address future problems such as those outlined in the upcoming calls in the life sciences programmes of Horizon2020.

The network education and research policy follows the guidelines of the Bologna Declaration that have been put forward by the EU to create a frontier-free education and science community in Europe, to support the excellence in research and teaching, and to establish an educational system that allows the effective professional recognition of national degrees. The programmes also follow the Europe Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of Researchers. We create opportunities for further integration of expertise and knowledge by addressing the outlined challenges at both the level of Master as well as PhD in viticulture and oenology. We offer a training environment that inspires students to participate in ongoing research and, development for instance through a range of specific workshops aimed at acquiring a broad knowledge.

This network offers the possibility of becoming the leaders of the future generation of researchers.

The Network will function as a sustainable multi-site training network to enhance European education in grape growing and wine making, building on technologies and expertise across excellent oenology institutions as a primary scaffold for early training. OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL realizes a unique multidisciplinary training network established by world leading scientists in the field of oenology and viticulture. It will bridge chemistry, molecular biology and genetics up to behavioural analysis and physiology studies of the consumer. The network will enhance European oenological education and will foster future career opportunities of young researchers.

This programme will help to put a more integrative approach to this field, which might grow into a strong scientific asset for the EU. Climate change will have a substantial impact on this industry and this will have repercussions on and from food and food chains challenging sustainable food production and supply management, food chain organisation and innovative practices in mitigating the proposed negative effects. We aim to increase the career opportunities of young trainees by helping them to find leading positions in oenology research (in academia or industry) after the completion of their studies. For this, OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL will set up a training infrastructure that promotes synergy through intensive collaboration, including transferable skills development with successful network partners that have an excellent reputation in the field of oenology.

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Cooperation with the private sector
The Network has established collaborative research centres with the private sector (with oenological multinationals). We have also set up many national and international research platforms to organize our various activities, including vine and grape bank sampling, yeast and bacteria bank sampling, wine bank sampling, DNA and RNA sampling, proteomics, sensory panels list, oeno-informatics and genetics research activities. Our Doctors often interact with graduate and PhD investigators from others disciplines on a daily basis. By planning events such as weekly seminars in the various departments, annual meetings and get-togethers, symposia and tutorial series for young oenologist researchers, we actively nurture young scientists in the international oenology community (OIV world congress, American Society for oenology and viticulture...).

The industrial partners have been selected based on the following criteria: existing working relations with consortium partners; disciplinary excellence in their sector and geographical distribution. They will be involved in the programmes' structure, the accreditation of the projects, the selection of the candidates, the supervision of the student, the career plan, the sustainability of the programme and in the quality assurance strategy. They also contribute actively to the promotion of the OENOVITI INTERNATIONAL programmes.

See list of current partner institutions.


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